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On Melted Cheese

It’s become apparently lately that practically all of my favorite foodstuffs incorporate melted cheese as a motif. Witness the glory of the grilled cheese sandwich! Marvel at the miraculous quesadilla! Ponder fondue! Nosh on nachos! Calculate the cost of calzone! And thrill at the omnipotent might of the king of rations, PIZZA!

I mean, I’m a cheese guy in general, but lately I’ve been reconsidering and recalculating my food intake on a number of levels, in terms of cutting down on both calories and cost. In the end, I went through one of my grilled cheese phases (which have been recurring since childhood), and now I’ve been subsisting largely on quesadillas for the past couple of weeks. They aren’t all that dissimilar, of course, with carbs and proteins and fats in various proportions. But quesadillas, which I’ve never made in any quantity before, seem to be far easier to make than grilled cheese, as they need no butter on the skillet and can safely be left alone for a couple minutes at a time with just a flip or two before they’re ready to eat. 

Pac-Man never imagined he’d see the afterlife as a quesadilla. 

I figure each quesadilla is probably around 300 calories between the tortilla and the cheese, so I’ve been trying to stick to eating one maybe every three hours or so to stick to around 2,000 calories a day. That, plus the fact that you can eat relatively easily on five dollars a day if you’re shopping at Trader Joes for the ingredients, makes it a fairly economical supply of calories. I’m not going to claim that it’s a balanced diet, but I try to make up for it with one-a-days, and even when I splurge on treats like Its-Its I’m still saving money compared to when I used to spend seven bucks on pizza three nights a week. I’d probably be able to get by on even less money if I resorted to eating nothing but Cup-o-Noodles, but I’m pretty sure I’d start sweating sodium if I did that. 

Anyway, for all you melted cheese aficianados out there, I’m curious what your favorite stuffings are. I have obviously experimented with chicken, but that bold taste isn’t enough to keep me satisfied: lately I’ve tried red peppers (makes the ‘dilla a little soggy for my taste), onions (funky), and spinach (actually pretty good!), matched with shredded four-cheese Mexican mix from Trader Jose’s. I almost always top them with salsa, but I’m willing to bend if they taste good enough on their own. What’s your favorite thing to throw into a quesadilla, should you have an opinion? I need to spice these things up before I get sick of them. 

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