A Long Road

Well, that's what it's been.

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anongamer69 asked: You could be crazy like me and import Studio ghibli's japanese blurays on amazon jp. Japan and the US share the same blu ray region, so you don't need a region free blu ray player to play it. Bought kikis delivery service and it has everything you'd want (great transfer, eng dub, eng sub, great packaging). It was 60 bucks, which is fucking crazy, but kiki's delivery service is one of my all time favorite movies, so I went for it. Also, disney released totoro on blu ray in the US a year ago

Yep, I have the Totoro Blu-Ray, which is pretty great. I just wish the rest of them would arrive. I mean, Miyazaki’s got to be in the top-five of any coherent list of Greatest Living Filmmaker; it’s crazy that we can’t get the bulk of his films in relevant formats in America. 

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anongamer69 asked: Also, will you be giving thoughts on the wind rises? Is it really a swan song for miyazakis career, or was that all bullshit? Will you be talking indepth about it on the box office bomb?

I definitely want to discuss it the next time we record a podcast! We’ve had a lot of tech/scheduling issues with the Box Office Bomb lately, but hopefully next week. 

I liked The Wind Rises and I’ll never regret seeing a Miyazaki in a theater, but it was also one of his slowest movies. I hope he does more stuff but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it be his last movie. 

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blakegilbert91 asked: Do you have a preference for your favorite Batman. I really like the Frank Miller comic The Dark Knight Returns Batman because he is freaking badass and takes no shit. Also that is a pretty good Batman tale as well, what is your preference?

I wish I read more of the comics so that I’d have a better opinion on this, but I’ve mostly been a Marvel guy for a long time now. Definitely the highlight for me is the Dark Knight Returns-era Batman; some of the dialogue and narration in there is so over the top that it almost becomes parodic (there’s a pretty fine line here that Miller has increasingly crossed as his career has advanced), but in the end he’s one of the most epic badasses in any comic, ever. 

The early Jim Lee Superman/Batman issues had a pretty great Batman, as well; forget who wrote those. Kryptonite ring just in case Superman went crazy? Awesome!

The way he’s presented in the Arkham games has also been pretty superlative. 

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mangumforce asked: Did you ever end up writing that piece on Gone Home you were talking about a few months back?

It’s been kind of sitting around waiting for me to get back to it, which is fine. I’d rather wait and publish it at some point when people aren’t thinking about it, just to let some of the passions about it cool down. Hopefully I’ll get it up before the console versions come out. 

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peopletoast asked: I could watch/listen to you sing the Enterprise theme song forever.

It’s a good thing I could sing it forever, then!

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blakegilbert91 asked: Do you have a favorite Hayao Miyazaki movie. His movies are fantastic, I just saw Princess Mononoki a month ago and loved watching it. However whats your favorite?

Princess Mononoke will always be up there, since it was the first thing of his that I saw, and it was in a theater, to boot, sometime around 2000 or 2001. But My Neighbor Totoro is a relatively undisputed champion here. 


I mean, holy shit, you can’t get Spirited Away (an Oscar-winning film!) or Mononoke or Kiki’s Delivery Service on Blu-Ray in the states? I’m sure they’re working on some massive box set for when it’s sure that he’s retired, but still, man. 

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gbzombiepie asked: What was the single "hardest" game you ever had to write a game guide for? I'm not just talking about in-game difficulty, but also games that were difficult to breakdown into step by step directions on a guide.

Probably this one: 


Getting DS screens required a whole separate machine back then, so getting those was a pain. Plus Advance Wars as a whole is a tough game to really do a walkthrough for. I think that guide took me two full weeks to put together when I estimated it would only be a few days. Some of the mission walkthroughs took a day apiece to write because I often had to play the mission a couple of times to make sure the strategies were vaguely useful. 

As far as pure difficulty goes, Devil May Cry 3 was pretty far up there. 

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klarion17 asked: Hey Rorie! Love it when you're doing the occasional thing like a Dark Souls chat, or Quicklook. Was just wondering why you're usually never on the Bombcast. Would love to hear you there too!

My Mondays are usually really busy; I have a couple of two-hour meetings on Mondays on top of trying to catch up on a weekend’s worth of support emails, bug reporting forum posts, PMs, and so on. So there’s just not a lot of time for me to get over there for a three-hour podcast. Plus I like to kick out of the office while it’s still relatively early because I’m biking home. But I’m sure I’ll come back on again sometime when someone’s on vacation or something. 

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blakegilbert91 asked: Are you going to see Captian America The Winter Soldier? The reviews have been great across the board, have you pretty much seen all the current Marvel movies post Avengers?

Yep, I catch them all. I have a The Wind Rises / Captain America doubleheader scheduled for Saturday night. We’ll try and get down to do another Box Office Bomb on those things Monday or Tuesday. Looking forward to it!

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gbzombiepie asked: A while back Jeff mentioned that Boss of Bosses was a rogue production that Vinny and you produced in secret after people had told them not to do it. What more can you say about this?

I don’t remember that that was entirely the case, but I’m pretty sure that some people being out of town helped grease the wheels on actually making that thing. 

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quidprobono asked: Matt Rorie, you are a great person and I like you a lot. I love seeing you in a hosting position during live shows. Is it possible we could see another Puppy Chat in the future?

I dunno! I had fun with it. If we need to test chat again sometime before E3 maybe we can make it happen. And thanks for the compliments!

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polyshow asked: I'm having loads of fun with Diablo 3 lately. Adventure mode has been great and patch 2.0 made the game way funner. How bout you? Or are you done with the game? Also, my poster arrived perfectly fine so thanks for that, I love it. I know it's been a giant hassle.

I got my Barbarian to 70 and have been trying to get my Crusader up there too but I don’t play it every day or anything. It’s a fantastic game to play while watching TV on a second monitor, though, so when I can stream this season of Justified somewhere I’ll probably give it some more time. 

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hippocraticoafmw asked: What was it like transitioning from games journalism to games production? Would you ever be interested in working for a developer again?

Well, first off, I would argue that I’ve never really been a games journalist; the bulk of what I did for GS back in the day were game guides, which were fun, but I wasn’t exactly getting hot scoops or meeting sources in parking garages at 3 A.M. or anything like that. But the transition was fairly easy; everyone at Obsidian was super nice and I enjoyed helping in whatever small way that I could to ensure that more people heard about the games that we made and hopefully had a good opinion about them. 

I wouldn’t mind working at a developer again, but my skillset is pretty limited in terms of what most developers need. 

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wraithken asked: Hey, is there some way to add a note to an existing question? I see the note Icon but I can't add anything to my previous question? BTW: I think Scrolls is available, but that does seem to be a bit murky at the moment. There is a buy link, but I haven't tried it because I haven't learned enough about the game to feel good about putting money down.

I have heard shockingly little about scrolls considering the developer it comes from. I’m not even sure if it’s in alpha or beta or is fully released yet. I should probably try to track it down and give it a whirl, but there are so many F2P card games out there that somehow I’m having a hard time imagining paying money for one. And right now their website’s payment page is broken and their alternate method wants me to sign into a Minecraft account, which I don’t have. I can’t even see how much money it costs! 

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michiholm asked: What game are looking forward to the most this year?

Pillars of Eternity, probably. Hope those guys can pull off something great.