A Long Road

Well, that's what it's been.

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ursadorium asked: Hey Rorie, just got my resub email and I wanted to say thanks for doing a cool job as community manager :) Do you think pathfinder in the office will make a come back? As an avid table top dude I was a big fan.

I suspect that Giant Bomb Unplugged will return soon, although it may involve something other than Pathfinder…

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rightoversme asked: Hi Rorie, what's the best brand of hard cider that is easily found in the US? I just tried some in England and its delicious!

Cider’s come on in a pretty major way over the last few years. When I moved to SF 10 years ago, you were lucky to find some Wyder’s Pear in a bottle in most places. Now most bars should have one or two varieties on tap, which is nice. 

There’s plenty of stuff you can find pretty reliably now, depending on your location. In SF, you can usually come across Strongbow, Magner’s, Woodchuck, Wyder’s, Angry Orchard, and/or Crispin on tap or in bottles, with a few other choices in bottles, like the Cidre stuff from Stella Artois. Myself not being a fan of stuff that tastes really strong (my feelings on coffee are known, and I’ve never gotten the taste for stouts or IPAs or that kind of stuff), I generally prefer to stick with the lighter stuff. It’s not gonna get you smashed, but it goes pretty well with food, at least. 

Angry Orchard and Woodchuck are the strongest of those, at least in taste, at least to me. Not fantastic and taste pretty sugary, but they’ll do in a pinch if the only other thing people are pushing my way are Sierra Nevadas or the like. Generally I prefer Magners (straight pour or a bit of ice), Crispin (ice), or the new-ish Cidre stuff. Cidre’s usually only found in bottles around here, so if I want a four-pack of something (and that’s some bullshit, that is), it’s a decent home-drinking option poured into a cup with hella ice. That stuff tastes pretty great. 

To each their own, though, etc! 

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sub-okita asked: Any suggestion on what should I drink to drown myself in temporary despair?

This largely depends on how temporary you want your despair to be. For old-timey, country-music blues I generally recommend a good bourbon or whiskey; Bulleit’s a good standard inexpensive choice, and it’s nice for melancholy times because you usually want to drink it straight, or with a bit of ice. It’s pretty tough to get up the energy to make a gimlet or a vodka/tonic when you’re moping. You think too much about the steps and that leads to thinking about why you’re drinking and that leads to just more despair.

Better to go with something that you can drink without mixing, which in my case is basically bourbon with juuuust enough ice to cool it down and mute the burn a bit. Sometimes gin over ice, but that’s a rare choice; sometimes Jameson if I’m feeling particularly Irish at the time. Some people probably prefer scotch, but that’s never been a favorite for me. Vodka basically requires a mixer, so that’s out. Some prefer mezcal or tequila, but there lies trouble. 

But if you want something to last a while, then a really cheap gin, like a BevMo industrial-sized Gordon’s, with one of those lime juice squeezy things, and a bunch of ice, will suit you fine for a few days probably. Maybe some simple syrup if you can find the energy to make it. I find the hangovers on that to be a lot worse than bourbon and ice, though. 

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blakegilbert91 asked: Hey Matt is it crazy for me to jump into World of Warcraft now for the first time. Blizzard has made huge balance changes for the game, and its still pretty popular, is it a good time to jump into WoW at this point?

I think it’s one of the best games on the market, honestly. Thousands of hours of stuff to do, a lot of classes to fit every playstyle, almost a decade of gameplay refinement. I’m not going to go so far as to say that it’s all-killer-no-filler (any MMO is going to have a fair amount of dead time in it), but it’s still a lot of fun and I can’t wait for Warlords to come out. 

That said, right this very moment might not be the best time to get started. Warlords is coming up, and there’s usually a big balance patch right before each expansion that changes gameplay pretty wildly across the board. There’s little point in getting up to speed on the 5.x stuff when the 6.0 patch is going to come along pretty soon and blow it all out of the water. I would keep an eye on something like mmo-champion.com or the official WoW twitter feed to get an idea for when that’s coming down the pipe. 

I mean, if you really want to pick it up now, go crazy, but I would start with a class that you don’t think you’re seriously interested in just to get used to the controls and social stuff, then flip to whatever you really want to play when 6.0 comes along. 

Hope that helps!

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vinh asked: I have a soon-to-be 12 yr old nephew who just asked if I knew how to make Youtube videos. Specifically, Let's Play videos, which I know nothing about the production side but can easily figure out with some google searching. Selfishly, I'd rather he avoid that world because of the hateful comments he might get. He does get picked on at school. However, I want him to learn about video production and computer hardware and software, and I want to support his interests. What are your thoughts?


There’s a way to approve what comments show up on the YouTube page, if you don’t want to disable comments entirely. That way, your son can release his video to the “public” and invite commentary on it, but you can make sure whatever shows up on the page is within your personal limits.

I work with Youtube comments a decent amount; if you want to send me a PM or email or something I can guide you through some of the options. 

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wrighteous86 asked: If you were to move anywhere outside of San Francisco, where would you want to live?

Hmm, maybe Seattle? I have a good time in Seattle when I go to Seattle. 

Apart from that I really don’t have many preferences aside from a desire to avoid hot summers. I can live pretty much anywhere so long as there’s internet and dogs, but SF works best for me at this point in my life since I don’t need to own a car. 

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michiholm asked: Hi Rorie, somebody on NeoGaf archived both Supply Drop streams and converted them to two files. Can't post a link here, but it's on page 230 of the Giant Bomb thread on NeoGaf.

OK, thanks for letting me know! I assume that people who want to watch that thing will be able to find it from these instructions. Go forth and google. 

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brudamanfan asked: Is the Operarion Supply Drop going to go up on YouTube? I missed a lot of your stream, and I have to find out if Sims child Brad caught on fire!

I don’t think I have the know-how to do this, unfortunately! Some of it may still be on Giant Bomb’s twitch channel, though. The next time I do this I’ll try to record through OBS but it was my first time working with all of those tools. 

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artfyad asked: How much time do you spend gaming these days?

Not as much as I would like! I’ve been kept pretty busy lately with work stuff. I did give the Diablo III expansion a thorough going-over (three characters at 70), but the loot grind isn’t really enough to keep me playing. I feel bad because I just got a 770 GTX a couple months ago and still haven’t managed to finish Splinter Cell or the Batman game that came with it. Mostly I’ve been relaxing with FFX in whatever downtime I have; have around 60 hours in that since it came out. Flipping on the Vita while lying in bed is just too simple compared to outputting my PC to my TV and flipping all the inputs and primary screens around. Maybe I’ll dive into Watch_Dogs, though. 

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winkiewasadrunk asked: Does Vinny being on a different coast open up a spot for Rorie on the bombcast? He would be great.


One of the two new hires will appear on the podcast, too. I’d be open to having Rorie on more often but he’s usually pretty busy handling his real business.

This is quite true - Mondays (when the Bombcast is recorded) are usually one of my busiest days of the week due to both meetings (two 90-minute meetings on the days when engineering milestones roll over) and since a fair amount of support emails usually pile up over the weekend. Thanks for thinking of me Winkie! But the Box Office Bomb usually sates my need to sit in front of a microphone for a while. 

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blakegilbert91 asked: Are you excited about Gurdians of the Galaxy, it looks really cool.

I will definitely see it, I can say that much! I haven’t watched any of the trailers except for the teaser, so I really don’t have an opinion on how it looks, unfortunately. I wouldn’t necessarily say that I’m over-excited about it, but Marvel’s got a pretty good track record. I have a feeling it’ll have a hard time making boatloads of money, just because it doesn’t have any real huge stars to show up in the trailers or posters (unless you count Bradley Cooper’s voice), but then this was always going to be a difficult sell for those guys. In the end it’s probably just good that they didn’t shoehorn in a bunch of GOTG stuff into Thor or Captain America. 

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ilikepopcans asked: I just got reminded if this, but is the video of you and alex watching twilight lost forever?

Hmm, I have no idea. I think that Joey might have it on a hard drive somewhere, but I don’t have it personally, unfortunately! And with the site being offline, as well as the YouTube channel, I don’t know of any way to watch it online. Sorry!

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therealtakeshi asked: So I'm currently drinking a Gin&Tonic while watching a UPF (2013-09-27), and I see you pouring a snifter of gin to drink it straight. Bold move. I love gin, but I've never drunk it straight. Do you have a particular brand you'd recommend for a novice? Or are you just a special kind of crazy?

Gin is a tough drink straight, but it’s better than vodka in that regards. I can deal with gin on the rocks in a tough spot, though, especially something herby like Citadelle. But gin’s never something that I’d do a shot of or anything; if I’m drinking anything straight it’ll almost always be bourbon. Gin’s a pretty good, flexible spirit to have around for a cocktail, though. Gin martinis are nice, tonics are bearable if you have the tonic water around (not my favorite, though), but I do generally like to relax with a stiff gin gimlet in the evening. A lof of gin, ice, a splash of powdered sugar (or simple syrup if you have that), a quarter lime squeezed in, shake thoroughly, strain and add more ice to the gin in a rocks glass, and you’ll be a happy camper. Make me one too. 

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michiholm asked: Would you rather see A Haunted House 2 or Grown Ups 3?

I find the Wayans brand of comedy to be incredibly obvious and unfunny, but Grown Ups is another level of hell entirely, so I’d have to go with the former. Fun fact: Marlon Wayans’ co-writer on those movies was apparently a member of 2K’s QA team for Duke Nukem Forever. I bet he laughed uproariously at the poop segment. 

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ilikepopcans asked: With how much trouble you have with the podcast studio stuff when recording the movie podcast, why not do something simpler like something Patrick would do.

I dunno! I definitely need to look into our options. We have something like four or five podcast studios in this building, but the one that’s free enough to casually stroll into without an appointment has a computer that’s seen better days. It’s still running XP, for god’s sake. I think the recording software just fills up the RAM and eventually blows up. 

But yeah, I’d like to find a better way to do it.